Saturday, October 4, 7-10pm

An evening of music and film, with live performances and screenings from:

Certain Death

John Ward

Moondrawn –

Luis Arnias –

Matt McWilliams –

Benjamin Mosca –

Lily Jue Sheng & Antonia Kuo – /


Organized by Trevor Powers, LIGHT AND SOUND is both a music show with live projections and a film screening with live soundtracks. With no one medium being at the forefront, the event will manifest into a unique audio and visual experience that will last for one night only in Easthampton, Massachusetts in the historic Eastworks building.

This event brings together visual and musical artists from Western Massachusetts, Boston, and Brooklyn. Local musicians Sean Duram and John Ward will collaborate with Boston-based performance artist Philip Fryer, while projected visuals will showcase a selection of film and video works by Boston-based artists Luis Arnias and Matt McWilliams, and three Brooklyn-based artists: Benjamin Mosca, Lily Jue Sheng, and Antonia Kuo.

Mini-zine & fold out poster with stills from the films. Created by Trevor Powers, printed at Sister Sister.