Press Release: Pasquarosa and Svalberg


Chaga, Bloodletting, Atlantis, Mars, Encino: Anthony Pasquarosa and Greta Svalberg

Easthampton, MA - September 10, 2014 - Fugitive Arts Project Space presents a two-person show, "Chaga, Bloodletting, Atlantis, Mars, Encino: Anthony Pasquarosa and Greta Svalberg." The exhibition will be on view September 17 - October 1, 2014 with an opening reception Wednesday, September 17, 6-8PM. For Gallery Hours:

Anthony Pasquarosa’s ink and watercolor drawings on paper and Greta Svalberg’s mixed media works depict disparate subject matter covering foraging for chaga tea, medieval bloodletting, Mars Rover imagery, the lost city of Atlantis, transcendental commercial casting, and swimming in Encino, California. Images are culled from Warburgian research and observation that are reconstituted through recollection and recomposition. The artworks oscillate between landscape and anatomy in a way that is simultaneously psychedelic utopian and critical of the medical industrial complex. The artists question the human body’s relationship to its environment as viewed through hard science, science fiction, historicism, phenomenology, and contemporary subcultures.

Anthony Pasquarosa is a talented and wide-ranging musician, performing in Sqrm, Aerosols, Crystalline Roses, Glue Bag, World Domination and many other locally- and nationally-recognized bands.

Greta Svalberg is a painter and curator, organizing exhibitions at HeadQuarters and a group show at Fugitive Arts Project Space planned for mid-October. Svalberg is a graduate of the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and University of California at Los Angeles, where she earned an MFA.

Fugitive Arts Project Space is a temporary gallery and event space dedicated to promoting experimental projects and emerging artists. Fugitive Arts Project Space will occupy a ground-floor storefront in the Eastworks building of Easthampton, MA for three months, September - December 2014.

The Fugitive Arts Project Space is operated by Esther S White (printmaker, publisher, and textile artist of Northampton) & Jenna Weingarten (writer and musician of Holyoke). Weingarten and White worked together with a group of artists to run HeadQuarters, an alternative event space that operated for over a year in an underground storage unit in Northampton, MA through June, 2014.

The Pioneer Valley is home to a busy and diverse community of artists and performers and there is a great need for non-commercial and alternative art spaces. “We are thrilled to be able to support our fellow artists with this project!” says White.

Fugitive Arts Project Space

142 Eastworks, 116 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA


Greta Svalberg

Northampton, MA

Esther S White

Northampton, MA