Chaga, Bloodletting, Atlantis, Mars, Encino: Anthony Pasquarosa and Greta Svalberg

September 17 - October 1, 2014

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 17, 6-8 PM

Sponsored by Paper City Brewing Company

Anthony Pasquarosa’s ink and watercolor drawings on paper and Greta Svalberg’s mixed media works depict disparate subject matter covering foraging for chaga tea, medieval bloodletting, Mars Rover imagery, the lost city of Atlantis, transcendental commercial casting, and swimming in Encino, California. Images are culled from Warburgian research and observation that are reconstituted through recollection and recomposition. The artworks oscillate between landscape and anatomy in a way that is simultaneously psychedelic utopian and critical of the medical industrial complex. The artists question the human body’s relationship to its environment as viewed through hard science, science fiction, historicism, phenomenology, and contemporary subcultures.

Hampshire Gazette Art People: Greta Svalberg


Greta Svalberg & Anthony Pasquarosa, photo by John William Moloney

photo by Esther S White

Greta Svalberg with her paintings, photo by Jenna Weingarten

photo by Melissa Smith